Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

so it's been awhile again- sorry! but things are good...
jesse's new job is going good- he just had an evaluation which he passed as "exceed" - which will result in a bonus- yah for him!!!

we have new neighbors- well almost- mom and dad have officially bought and started to build at the property in the pictures in the post previous to the one before this one. they are not completely moved out there yet- but they are working very on getting there.

gunner is growing like crazy- i probably say this in every post- but he is more fun all the time. he likes to sing in the car... and at home... i hear him sing this all the time "i'm a country boy, i have a 4 wheel drive, climb into my bed and i'll take you for a ride- in my big green tractor" yeah a combination of a couple of his favorites!!!!

me- hmm my hair is darker- i have a "new" (to me) car- my Christmas tree is up early for the first time in a long time- gunner had fun helping me decorate it this year :) my shopping is not done- i think jesse and i may try to take care of that this weekend- like we have a choice!!!

i guess that's pretty much it for now- have Merry Christmas, Happy New Year- and knowing me a great Valentines Day and St.Patricks Day too!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pic's by Aunt Katie (Bovee)

Kate took these at mom and dad's the other day- guess I'm done paying big money for pics- oh yeah I've never really done that anyway- but from here on out it'll be Katie taking our pictures- thanks Kate!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A few pics

The above pictures are on mom and dad's (hopefully) new property. Gunner is prety tired in a few of these :)

Bovee kids and Gunner- mom was watching them while Andy, Jen, and Sydney where at the hospital in Saginaw.

hopefully these aren't something i've already posted...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

have i lost anybody?

i know- i'm not very good at this- but if you go back to my very first post if think i warned that it could be like this- not to mention getting sucked in by facebook!

so i guess here is a person by person update:

Jesse- started a new job at Dow Corning on July 6th. it's training season for dogs- even though he hasn't gone yet- we went camping the first weekend it come in and he reminded me of it every time we seen a truck full of dogs.

Me- hmm my hair is really blonde (for now anyway)- i've parted with my (fake) nails. i think me dog is going to have to be put down, she's not doing too well.

Gunner- riding his bike without training wheels. spelling his name- it's cute- he says "GU NN ER- Gunner!" mom took him and jaden put-put golfing the other day- gunner's first time- he won with the highest score and jaden with the lowest score :) he has two chickens at G&G Staley's house- Peep and Pop- and he can tell their eggs apart (ones are darker than the other) aunt katie (bovee) took some cute pictures of him- i will get her to email them to me then post them when i can.

that's about it for now- if i come across any random pics that might be fun to look at i'll post those too- just not much time :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time to make time

sorry- sorry- it's been awhile i know!! just been busy. not too much is new with our family- other than our little g-man is 3 now!!!!! i guess the newest thing around us are two new calves (Jaden and Ethan)- yeah can you guess who named them?!?!?! the picture is of (grandpa) bob and gunner watching Jaden the first new one.
oh and the top picture is gunner's "handsome hair" - kind of his latest thing :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today would be a good day to be a what...?

i used to tell jaden 'today would be a good day to be a... duck (or kite- or whatever)' so one day he said to me 'aunt stephy what would today be a good day to be a what?'


Today (Wednesday) would be a good day to be a... kite.

The last few days and most of the weekend- would be a good day to be a... duck.

North of here a few days ago- would be a good day to be a... snowman!

anyway i think of that anytime we have some kind of weather that is somewhat extreme- and thought i would share it!

my mom is coming home tonight- i'm going with dad and katie to pick her up in motown around 10pm. i'm know she has had a good time visiting G&G Yeager, her friend Debbie in CA, and all of G&G's friends too- BUT i think she is ready to be home (aka- missing the boys mostly).

hmm well... the end...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spoiled??? Nah!!!!!

Little Jesse???

He can reach the foot pegs but not the ground.

He was so happy!

The helmet as well as boots, pants, and chest protector come with it.

And so did the training wheels.
he had so much fun- as soon as we got home from picking the bike up (in Bad Axe) he wanted to ride down to grandpa and grandma's to show it off. so we did- jesse and i running next to him all the way- we got down there- NO ONE WAS HOME- we went to the basement to get warmed up then ran back home. on the way down gunner was a little unsure about the throttle (how to work it) but on the way home he had it down! you can control how fast it can go with a screw by the throttle grip- the guy we bought it from had it wide open for his older kids- and we found the screw is missing- so gunner a few times would take right off and jesse had to grab his coat to keep him from getting too far away- and let me tell ya- when you are on foot- that little bike can go a lot faster than you would think it could- so catching him was crucial! this is his birthday present- he doesn't really realize that yet- but i don't think it would do any good to tell him- he wouldn't get it anyway! on the way home from Bad Axe we told him he needed to go to sleep- he was wound! he did finally lay his head back and close his eyes- after a few minutes (just when we thought he was out) he turned his head around to see in the back of the truck so he could see his bike- never said a word- turned back and went to sleep- like he just wanted to make sure it was for real and that it was really back there!